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Dael O Ring - Maze Puzzle Toy

Dael O Ring - Maze Puzzle Toy

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The Dael 'O Ring Maze Puzzle is a game of skill to promote concentration and motor skills.

The new game is an exciting challenge for tinkerers of all ages because skill and patience are certainly put to the test many times. The Dael 'O ring has a hidden labyrinth through which the bolt must be pushed and rotated.

The maze is not visible and the puzzle can only be solved with concentration and imagination. Once that is done, the ring can be quickly and easily brought back to the starting point thanks to the one-click-through system

The Dael 'O ring consists of a bolt and a ring with a hidden labyrinth.

Just follow your feeling and try to play the ring by pushing and turning the bolt.

You will soon be drawn under the spell of Dael 'O Ring.
Anyone who has ever seen how the ring can be played from the bolt will no longer be able to withstand the attraction of the game and will want to experience it for yourself.

Product Features:
- Available in 3 degrees of difficulty
- Easy Yellow
- Simple Orange
- Silly Green

What's in the box
1 x Dael-O-Ring game (Yellow)

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