50 Pack Fidget Lucky Packet

50 Pack Fidget Lucky Packet

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Fidget Lucky Packet

This one has it all !!!!
A massive collection, Great Verity, from all the Fidgets in the world,
Mix Surprise Pack, a collection from a variety of:
POP it, Stress balls, Pad, Simple Dimple, Aqua Pressure rings, tangles, Tracks, Mochi, Key Rings,
Puzzle Toy, Marable mash, Pop Tubes and more…
Your child will not be disappointed, there is so much to play and fiddle
The bigger the box the bigger the Value!!!
Great for Party, early X- Mass gifts,
Get ready to summer……
Pictures of the fidgets are for reference only!
Colours of Fidgets changes in each box……

What's in the box
50 x Pcs of Verity Of Hot Selling Fidgets

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